Retail News

May 28th, 2024

1. Strong Q1 Performance Bodes Well for Retailing in 2024

The first quarter of 2024 was generally good for retailers.

2. Discount and Dollar Stores’ Traffic Keeps Pace with 2023

There is continuing momentum nationwide in traffic to these stores.

3. Brick-and-Mortar Sales Overshadow Drop in Core Retail Spending 

Consumer durability has sector on solid footing.

4. Single-Tenant Net-Lease Still Positioned for Performance

It’s the least vacant commercial real estate segment.

5. Retailers Look for Success in Secondary and Tertiary Markets

Tight space in major metro regions are forcing companies to look elsewhere where expenses are lower.

6. Street Retail Isn’t Going Anywhere

Many urban storefronts and shopping districts “have recovered to a healthy state.”

7. Downtown Restaurants Find Remote Workers Return for Happy Hours

Restaurant and bar traffic is slightly above pre-pandemic levels during this time slot.